ArmChair Quarterback Fantasy Football 2011


League begins Thursday September 8th. Payment is $20.00 which covers the entire season and is due by September 1st.  Each player will recieve an ArmChair Quarterback Fantasy Football League t-shirt. 

-Season will run weeks 1-17 of the NFL regular season
-The league will consist of unlimited teams

-Each team/player will need to pick one NFL team to represent them each week.

-NFL teams may not be chosen twice (if a team is used twice, the second game will be counted as an "L".

-Each team/player will get the stats from that team each week.
(Example; you pick the Patriots against the Jets; Say the Patriots win 42-14; so you get the "W", 42 pts for, and 14 pts against) The standings will reflect these stats. 

-The standings will be posted on each week.

-Prizes will be announced shortly but will be as follows;

1st place (Grand prize)
2nd place
3rd place
Runner Up (everyone else)

-Each week, picks need to be in by Thursday (Noon time)
**Thanksgiving, Christmas will be required the day before.

**If you think you are going to play, please let us know as soon as possible so we can get an idea of how many t-shirts and what sizes we need**